If it happens to you during listening music, means you have special powers in you

How does music feels? Relaxing, right? Do you feel chills when you to listen music? Do you ever try to find out why it happens? Hey, it’s not a subject to worry. People, who get Goosebumps while listening music, are smart ones.

Here we’ll talk about why music gives you Goosebumps. Though researchers don’t know the exact reason behind this body reaction, but it is believed that music is a kind of melodious piece and a cause dopamine to flood the part of the brain that’s inspired by motivation and addiction.

While we’re listening music, we experience that we can imagine only and this kind of emotion-regulating chemical makes the listener feel the CHILLS. Many of the people experience such sensations and most people don’t.

Do you know what chills are about? Chills are a form of frisson and frisson is a sensation which is not much different from shivering. Music has the power to trigger FRISSON. Music is one of the most relaxing things in the world. Music heals everything. It has long been used in healing the pain around the world.

Those people who get shiver when music is played, has smarter brain. Their brain works more frequently than others who don’t. They are more emotional type of person and feel everything happening around them.


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