Here is the reason why a black cat crossing your path is considered bad luck

Superstition is a senseless fear of God.

In earlier times cats were worshiped and they we knew to be the pet of God which brings protection and security but as the time changes so do the rituals and customs. In nowadays, it depends on which place you are living like in some part of the world like Britain and Ireland it is considered very lucky to see a black cat and they are good for bringing fortune, but in countries like U.S and India black cats are still considered evil and they bring misfortune.

According to old Indian beliefs

You will often see old Indian people like your grandparents have often told you that you should never cross a path which has been crossed by a black cat. Indian astrologers believes that black cat is a pet of Rahu which is meant to do bad things with people. It is considered that the crying of black cat suggests that a mishap is going to happen in a house, if you see two black cats fighting with each other then it is an indication of a problem in your house.

In my personal opinion, these type of superstitions should not be followed as there are no such things in today's world.

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