According To Science What Happens After Death

They say there are only two things certain in life death and taxes, but do they say what certain afterlife. Humans of strange creatures are intelligent sets us apart from other animals spurn like them us with our powerful brains.

Seem to spend a good portion of our lives thinking about death. Every human culture since the dawn of history has had answers for what death really means.

People search these answers to find some comfort to pursue knowledge or perhaps, even help them understand life. They range from the religious to the person from science to spiritual and everything in between.

Often these explanations are wildly different and sometimes compete with each other, but a question that is always the same.

What happens after we die? to understand what happens after we die. We have defined what earth actually is whether you believe in souls or a unique consciousness.

We can all agree that there is something that makes you, you; other than just your physical body. The body dies though do you as a person go with it? most religions will say no, the body is just an outer shell.

We were made by a creator and when we die we simply leave this mortal world and enter an internal one either for better or for worse. Religious text which is the Bible the Quran and the Torah all make reference the human souls being sent to heaven or the help of God.

Based on whether they led a good life here on earth many religions throughout human history have had similar notions of heaven and hell. Then there are those who don't believe in an all-powerful creator that judges us but they still believe in spirituality.

A common example of this is believing the human consciousness or a son calls it a soul is just another form of energy. As we know from science energy can never be destroyed, some people believe this energy is then reused in a life cycle known as reincarnation.

Your energy, your essence, your soul, has already been recycled countless times and other life forms are the dawn of life and will continue to be reused after you die. If this reincarnation happens from one human life to another some people even claim to have memories of their past life who they once were and then there is science.

Scientists try to understand the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Of course what happens after we die is neither physical or observable, at least in the scientific sense when it comes to ghosts.

There are energies people tend to believe in them, based on a personal experience or a feeling science doesn't deal with feelings though it needs something to test and observe that can be repeated by anyone else, anywhere else.

Under the exact same condition and that's never happened however there is the possibility that what people say are ghosts or spirits or energies might be.

A natural phenomenon that we simply cannot scientifically observe yet but this doesn't mean that science definitively claims that you are gone forever when your body dies.

One study in 2014 by the University of Southampton examined two thousand people who were clinically dead in hospitals across the UK US and Austria.

They found that almost 39% of those who were revived described having some perception of awareness even though they were clinically dead now this doesn't mean they floated out their bodies and saw themselves below but 2% of those.

People did exhibit quote full awareness compatible with out-of-body experiences with explicit recall of hearing and seeing events. One of those people even recall details of visual awareness that was verified by other people in the room for three whole minutes after their heart had stopped beating.

Recent research into quantum theory has also found that when we observe certain particles they behave in a different way. When a conscious being is not observing them the most famous of this is the double slit experiment which looks at how light photons behave as particles or waves depending on whether or not they are being physically observed during the experiment.

Then logically it would die along with our bodies but if our consciousness can affect matter or even create it that it must have come before matter and there would be every reason to think it will persist after the physical matter of our bodies is done.


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