7 Phrases that are Much More powerful than a "I love you"

Some words deepen and create greater trust in the relationship, so that the other person acquires a sense of belonging. Without further ado, do not miss several phrases that you should keep in mind.

1. "I respect you"
Respecting the person you love most means that you also tolerate the limits of that someone in the relationship. Also, it implies that you are not taking your partner for granted, that is, if you say this and you really do not feel respect for her, your actions will end up betraying you over time.

Being tolerant of the individual you love means, of course, that you will not treat him in a disrespectful way under any circumstances, reinforcing that belief in your mind that you really look for him or her, and prove it with your actions.

2. "I am committed to you"
Of course you are; you belong to a relationship that requires commitment on the part of both. The simple fact of being dating someone in the long term does not mean that you are getting involved with that person.
People who sometimes make the decision to deceive those they love, forget that they really had a respectful commitment to them. This beautiful statement is a reminder of your love, saying that you will always try to stay by side and that this is what you most desire.

3. "I'm here"
Being in love is not complicated, the hard part is working to be someone you can trust. Staying next to the person you love when everything is going well is the most docile and easy work, but staying with her when your partner is going through some complicated and bitter time is probably the best thing you can do for the relationship.

As they say, sailing when the water is calm is not a good thing for the sailors, and like that, knowing how to take the helm in times of storm will serve to strengthen the relationship in a way never before seen.

4. "I'm sorry"
While rectifying is wise and knowing how to forgive is a great added value, asking for forgiveness when the situation requires it is equivalent to having a very big heart in times of inflated egos.

However, apologies seem to have become so superficial, that these two words sometimes mean nothing. You really need to have a deep heart to know how to accept your mistakes and apologize, without thinking for a second that, just because you two are in a relationship, the apologies are a mere formality.

5. "Thank you"
Very often, people do not make enough use of this powerful word. However, we must realize all the sacrifices and efforts that our partner or family has had to make for us.

And although it is true that sometimes things can go wrong, by those who love you most remained there; They did everything possible. That is why, thank the details, both basic and important, will make you realize that everything is worthwhile, being able to maintain the inspiration to continue carrying it out, since you will see that you have appreciated their effort.

6. "I trust you"

It is true that sometimes we do not agree with the decisions that can be made in a relationship. Therefore, letting him know that you really trust or believe in him or her will transmit great confidence on your part.

In this way, your motivation will grow little by little so that you always try to do the right thing, and that you both agree as much as possible. Keep in mind that trust is one of the fundamental pillars of a relationship, because with it you can get to build a beautiful life. Telling this to your beloved is a way to strengthen the bond that ensures your link.

7. "I wait for you"

It is very important to be clear that, although two people are in a relationship, each one needs to have their own spaces and times separately from time to time. Sometimes, a person can feel somewhat pressured and overwhelmed, requiring some time to think about their own things and carry out their chores.

Letting him/her know that you will be waiting for him, regardless of the situation, you will make him understand that you respect his needs and that you understand him. On the other hand, if there really is love, time becomes something relative and ceases to exist, making life more beautiful.

Hope these tips will help you!


  1. So beautiful! I love this. Especially "I trust you". That is a huge one for me since I can be a control freak. But letting my husband know I trust him has been a really positive thing for our marriage. Johanna ~ glowingstill.com


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