11 Signs Your Best Friend Is in Love with You

Best friend is in love with you – Being in love gives us enormous pleasure and happiness.

Thus, people want to be with someone who makes them feel special. What? Your best friend is the one who does everything to keep you happy? Yes, of course, the besties cares more than others. But, be cautious if your best friend is doing more than needed.

Why should I be cautious in this case is what going on your mind. Well, this is because the person who you treat as a best friend is falling in love with you.
In fact, you can’t hold a discussion about whether it is good or bad because getting involved in the relationship is completely a personal decision. Thus, there is no point in having a debate on this issue. But, one thing you must consider is that these types of relationships face more problems in comparison to regular ones.
Therefore, you must understand where to draw the line. Else falling in love can be the biggest blunder of your life. So, how to know if your best friend falling in love with you?
Well, actions are the best to express our thoughts.
So, take a look at these signs and know your best friend is in love with you.

Signs Your Best Friend is in Love with You

He is Over Protective About You

Being concerned about your best friend is good. But, having an overprotective attitude about the same is not merely a friendship. This is the first sign that your best friend is falling in love with you. Therefore you must take a notice when he is being too much concerned with your whereabouts.

Your Friend take you to Every Party
The best friends too have a different set of friends. But, it is you who make him feel complete. Thus, he always hangs around you and won’t go to parties without you. In fact, he clearly refuses to go in parties alone. Well, this is not something which many of us do for our bestie. Thus, take it as a sign that your best friend is falling in love with you.

Hates Your Male Friends

Of course, you must be having a group of friends including boys. Thus, you have an easy-going relationship with all your male friends. But, your best friend highlights the bad habits of your male friends. In fact, he won’t mind making a statement that he hates your male friends. Well, this is a big confession and a person who is in love with you will only dare to make this statement. Therefore, understand this as a sign that your best friend is in love with you.

Getting Touchy
It’s normal to hug your best friend whenever you meet or say goodbye for the day. But, the best friend who is falling in love with you will always try to be touchy. It won’t be wrong to say that he or she means your bestie won’t lose a single chance to hug you. Also, your best friend won’t mind kissing you on the forehead as a sign of pampering. So, take this point into consideration as this sign help you know that your best friend is falling in love with you.

Being Proud of You

Feeling proud of our best friend is an expression of happiness whenever they achieve something good. But, if your bestie expresses a proud feeling for you in front of others mean that a sign that your best friend is in love with you.

Plan Future with You

Planning our future is a common thing which most of us do. But, making future plans having you as a partner for life is something special. This is the time when you must understand that you are more than just a friend to him.

He Loves Looking at You

Your best friend adores you. In fact, he keeps gazing that you all the time. But, this constant staring is not stalking rather it is a soft and much-in love emotion your best friend have for you. So, try to understand his feeling from the expression in his eyes. This is because the eyes talkmore when in love. Thus, this is sign let you know that your best friend is in love with you.

Never Reveals His or Her Relationship Status

Last, but not the least thing to know. Your best friend will never make you know his or her relationship status. In fact, your bestie will always pretend to  be single in front of you. This is also a sign that your best friend is falling for you.

Jealous of Your Partner

Is your best friend jealous of your partner? Or does he/she pinpoints bad behavior of your lover? Both these situations prove how badly your bestie want you in her or his life. In fact, they won’t mind going a step ahead and ask you, why don’t you leave that guy or the girl? So, if your best friend has asked you this question then remember this is a sign that your best friend is falling in love with you.

Notice Small Things About You

Have you received comments like this color suits you lot. Or something like stop wearing this dress it’s too deep. Yes. Then take a notice as your bestie observes what you wear and how you look. This is because your best friend feels differently for you now.

Apologize without Doing Mistake

I am sorry. Well, asking for an apology is not an easy thing and that too when you are not at fault. But does your best friend say sorry to you most of the time? Yes, in fact, he or she says sorry even for the smallest mistake. Well, this change in attitude is because your best friend doesn’t want to hurt you. Thus, they take extra care of you and try to keep you happy all the time.

Falling in love is not a bad thing. But, understanding the signs that your bestie is in love with you is really important. This is because you never know if someone else will love and care for you like your best friend promises you to do.


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