What Does Your Selfie Say About You?

Social media is fun. It’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, and it has become an integral part of our culture. We keep checking our Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Instagram as a part of our daily (or hourly) routine. These aren’t bad things, but it’s always good to step back sometimes and ask “why?” The answer might reveal a lot about who we are and help us understand ourselves better.

My Selfie, My Self?

Caring about your self-image isn’t always a bad thing. It becomes a problem only when we take it too far. Self-image is important to us. We care what other people think. That’s why we dress and act in certain ways. We feel self-conscious when we think people perceive us differently than how we want to be seen.

Affirmation, Please

If a facebook post doesn’t receive any likes within a few minutes, we start to get worried. Too much more time passes, and we delete it. Why? Because the number of likes and comments we get plays into how we feel about ourselves. It also demonstrates how we naturally seek affirmation from others. We want people to notice us, to appreciate us, and to think our input is meaningful. It feels good when people recognize us by commenting on our posts. When we don’t get a response, we assume something must be wrong with the post—which means something is “wrong” with us. So we selectively choose what we post in order to maintain our self-image while also receiving the maximum amount of affirmation.

A Bad Case of FOMO

Life isn’t as simple as we present it on social media. There’s a lot that goes on between one awesome photo of you with your friends. People only post the “coolest” or most exciting parts of their lives, and this leads to FOMO: the Fear of Missing Out. We see how much fun other people are having, so we have to post a great picture to demonstrate that we are doing exciting things, too. What we’re really doing is comparing our full lives to someone else’s “best of” reel, and it’s making us dissatisfied. The likes on our posts make us feel like what we are doing is worth our time, and that we’re not missing out on something better happening elsewhere.

Finding the Source of Your Selfie

Social media is all about sharing ourselves with our friends and followers. The problem is that our social media accounts can never contain the full picture of who we are. We edit ourselves in our offline lives.

We will never find rest and peace if we are constantly searching for human affirmation alone. We need to find our meaning and affirmation elsewhere—and that’s in God. Our culture calls on us to act and present ourselves in certain ways. But selfies and social media are things that will pass. God is forever, and so is His love. We can rest assured that God loves us more than anything, that he sees us without filters and still calls us his beloved.

Don’t let what you post on social media be what defines you. Don’t worry about the number of likes and comments you receive. It’s okay to share your life, but share it knowing who you are in Christ—there’s no competition or missing out with God.


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