These quotes by Sir APJ Abdul Kalam can change your life, Must read

Sir Abdul Kalam was once asked that whether people remember him for the role of former President or the Missileman of India. His answer was not both, his answer was as a teacher. Sir Kalam is not here, but his words will remain alive forever.

Quote 1. Dreams are not those who come to sleep at night, dreams are those who did not make you sleep in nights.

Quote 2. Before the dreams come true, you have to dream.

Quote 3. The country's best minds can be found on the last benches of the Class Room.
Quote 4. Come, let us sacrifice today, so that our children are better tomorrow.
Quote 5. If we are not independent,then no one will respect us.
Quote 6. Great dreams of great dreamers are always perfect.
Quote 7. I was always ready to accept that I can not change some things.

Quote 8. To reach the summit, strength is required, whether it is the summit of Mount Everest or your profession.
Quote 9. Be dedicated to get achievements rather than some kind of pleasure.
Quote 10. God helps those who work hard.
Quote 11. Humans should face difficulties, because it is necessary for success.
Quote 12. Students should definitely ask questions, this is the best quality of the student.

Quite 13.If a country is to be free of corruption then I feel that there are 3 such people in our society who can do this. These are- Father, Mother and Teacher.
Quote 14. When we face obstacles, we find that courage and flexibility exist within us, which we did not know about ourselves, and it is only when we fail. We need to find them and succeed in life.
Quote 15. We should not give up and not allow problems to dominate ourselves.

Quote 16. As long as India does not stand in line with the world, no one will respect us. There is no place for fear in this world. Here only power respects the power.
Quote 17. If you want to shine like the Sun, you will have to burn like a Sun before.
Quote 18. Nobody is easy to beat, but it is very difficult to win someone.
Quote 19. Without effort, success never fails and true effort is never unsuccessful.
Quote 20. I am not a handsome person but I can give my hand to anyone who needs help. Beauty is in the heart, not in the face.

Quote 21. Black color is emotionally bad. But every black board makes the life of students bright.

Quote 22. Stupid can be a genius if he understands that he is a fool, but a genius can become stupid if he understands that he is a genius.
Quote 23. A good book is equal to thousand friends, while a good friend is equal to the library.


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