How to improve state of mind and be positive and smart

Sometimes, people get depressed because they stop themselves from making progress because they think that they can't perform better anymore. They believe that they can't beat those who are smarter than them. But that the place where they are making mistake as they can also become smarter through their efforts. If they feed and train their mind in the right direction and be positive about what they do, then they can significantly enhance themselves. There are many people who have improved themselves through right training of mind and positive can do attitude. If you don't know how to improve it then read this article and change yourself.


These things that one should do every day to become smart and successful-


Manage Time: - The only thing people can hardly manage is time. They realize things after the time has been passed.Use your time wisely as if it is gone once, you can't reverse it. So, make better use of your time. Instead of wasting your time on unproductive material rather get information about the latest technologies and online development courses. This will help you to be smarter

Prepare routine of doing things: - Routine is really helpful as you will be able to figure out what have you done so far and what is left to be accomplished. Prepare a list everyday work as accomplished things or work will help in boosting your confidence.


What you read: - Reading is an essential activity to boost your brain and depends on the content you read.So, you need opinions and ideas to enhance your knowledge level which can only be done through reading a lot. Read magazines, newspapers, fiction, non-fiction or small articles based on your interest.

Gaming: - Your brain gets sharper and you become smarter when you play stimulating games nd its also increases reflexes to any activity or action. Games are a great way to make your brain exercise and improving your memory. Choose games like chess, puzzles, tricky mind games etc to become smart and active.

Doing new things and exploring new places: - Basically, you will not learn anything new if you don't try new things and the result will be positive to improve your mindset. So, try to learn new things and explore new places and it will definitely help you in becoming smart. Exploration is another wonderful way of becoming smart.


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